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A man with his two-year-old daughter in the measles unit of the MSF-run Biringi Hospital, Ituri province. Democratic Republic of Congo, November 2019. © Alexis Huguet/MSF



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In Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), MSF worked to tackle the country’s largest recorded outbreaks of measles and Ebola, while addressing many other health needs.

In 2019, MSF teams worked in 21 of DRC’s 26 provinces, providing services including healthcare, nutrition, vaccinations, surgery, pediatric care, support for survivors of sexual violence, as well as treatment and prevention activities for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis (TB), measles, cholera and Ebola.

The world’s largest measles outbreak has ravaged DRC since mid-2018 and was declared a national epidemic in June 2019. MSF supported surveillance activities, vaccinations and treatment for complicated cases in 16 provinces.

Longstanding intercommunal violence in Ituri flared up. MSF provided medical care and distributed water and relief items at around 30 makeshift shelter sites. In Mai-Ndombe, we supported health facilities following two days of intercommunity violence, offering treatment and relief items to around 2,850 displaced households.

In North Kivu, teams supported hospitals, health centres and posts, as well as mobile clinics and community-based activities. In South Kivu, we offered treatment for malnutrition, HIV, TB and other infectious diseases, mental health support, and maternal and reproductive healthcare.

In several provinces, MSF teams offered reproductive healthcare, including safe abortion care and medical and psychological treatment for survivors of sexual and gender-based violence. We also trained people to be first responders for survivors in their own communities.

Throughout 2019, MSF supported the national response to large cholera outbreaks across the Kivus, treating patients, conducting epidemiological surveys and donating medicines.