2019 Overview of Activities


Project Locations

Context of Intervention

Largest Country Programs

By expenditure (In Canadian dollars)
1. Democratic Republic of Congo$198.3 million
2. South Sudan$127.2 million
3. Yemen$111.6 million
4. Central African Republic$86.7 million
5. Nigeria$70.3 million
6. Iraq$69.1 million
7. Syria$61.7 million
8. Afghanistan$52.7 million
9. Lebanon$46 million
10. Bangladesh$43.8 million
The total budget for our programs in these 10 countries was $867.5 million, 53 per cent of MSF’s operational expenses in 2019 (see Facts and Figures for more details).
By number of field staff
1. South Sudan3,615
2. Democratic Republic of Congo3,173
3. Central African Republic2,775
4. Yemen2,538
5. Nigeria2,448
6. Afghanistan2,388
7. Bangladesh1,871
8. Niger1,829
9. Pakistan1,510
10. Iraq1,379
Staff numbers represent full-time equivalent positions (locally hired and international) averaged out across the year.

By number of outpatient consultations
1. Democratic Republic of Congo1,687,910
2. South Sudan1,120,925
3. Central African Republic967,031
4. Bangladesh556,336
5. Syria515,068
6. Niger436,141
7. Sudan434,765
8. Ethiopia355,148
9. Mali350,088
10. Tanzania319,072
Outpatient consultations exclude specialist consultations

All financial figures have been converted from euros to Canadian dollars, using the Bank of Canada’s annual average exchange rate for 2019: 1 euro = 1.49 CAD. See the original figures in euros from MSF’s 2019 International Activity Report.